«Melancholia» («Melancholy») video is out now!

«Melancholia» («Melancholy») video is out now!
8 Февраля 2019

«Melancholia» («Melancholy») video is out now!

This video can be safely considered as a preliminary demonstration of Polina's big show, that will take place on March 30 at the Megasport stadium in Moscow. Polina shall present her new program, filled with choreography scenic acts and supported with visual effects developed by Sila Sveta production studio.

"There is a lot of dance in a “Melancholia” music video. I’m dancing to express my emotions through. The storyline contains contemporary and classical dance and even the acrobatic performances,” – says Polina. “I love dancing, it’s a complete emotional release for me.” Previously audience could see Polina Gagarina’s dancing only on stage at her concerts.

Staging of the sophisticated foremost physically complicated dances was brilliantly conducted by the professional choreographer Sergei Cherkasov, who is the author of most of Polina’s dance shows.

The video was directed by Zaur Zaseev while the script and concept of the project were developed with the participation of Pavel Khudyakov. As a main character of the music video Polina Gagarina also became a co-Director adding a lot of implemented constitutive ideas.

The music video was filmed in Moscow at the legendary Sovietskaya hotel and it’s belonging well known restaurant Yar. It took several weeks to prepare the three days filming while two of the shooting days were lasting for almost twenty hours in a row.


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